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I am so excited to be getting started with my own personal blog. I told myself 2019 was going to be my year and here I am trying to make it happen. As you can see by the title confessions of a love freak is all about someone who has not been successful in the love field, however someone who has a lot of love and passion built inside of her. A lot of my post are going to be 50% fluent in sarcasm and truth telling with a little bit false confessions to avoid scaring people away.

Hopefully, we can relate with a lot of the things I will be sharing with you here. Maybe one way or another we can relate with this crazy thing called love and the things it makes us do.

Thanks for following me in this crazy love journey!


Kay of Hearts!


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. Maya Angelou

What do you do when you want to scream to the world how amazing a person is?

What do you do when you can’t share with people the happiest moments of your life?

What do you do? What do you do?

Kay of Hearts!

Book Review: The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas #BookReview #Romance

What do you do when you can’t control your feelings for someone? When you know you shouldn’t go there? Not even in your head.

Book Review: The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas #BookReview #Romance


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I remember this day as if it was yesterday. I can only describe this day as a fairy-tale moment out of a movie. I felt like Snow White waiting for her prince charming to kiss her to awaken her insides. This day felt like the 4th of July or New Year’s Day celebration, nothing but fireworks. I never thought our lips were meeting each other for the first time in such a big public place. And though there were hundreds of people all around us in that precise moment it was just him and I. From the minute his fingers started touching mine my whole body started trembling and I lost all sense of control. Watching him do the “sexual” lick the entire night was driving me crazy, where his tongue starts in the corner of the mouth, licking the upper lip and then the lower, in a slow-moving and sensual way.

This was it, I couldn’t wait any longer, my adrenaline was rushing and I needed to kiss his lips. So I got closer, grabbed him by the neck and pulled him towards me until he couldn’t move any longer and had no other choice but to kiss my lips. And that kiss, that very first kiss was the most amazing feeling my body has ever encounter. I can only describe his lips as nice, juicy set of lips; lips that you look at and the only thing you can think of is kissing and biting on them. Lips that are soft, warm and wet.

A year later, every time he kisses me I experience a feeling of euphoria, a natural high I dont ever want to come out of. Whenever I see him and my lips touches his I feel like I run out of air and he’s the only oxygen I want to breath.

Kay of Hearts!


I never thought this would be happening to me, but here I am, glazing at him. Who is this guy? Where is he from? I wonder if he knows me. Is he even noticing me? Oh my, I’m not even dressed correctly. Ugh…who cares, relax he’s probably not even noticing you. Just breath, breath act normal. But there he is, standing. I’ve never seen something like him. The most amazing thing my eyes have ever glazed at. His looks, the way he smiles, to those beautiful shiny chinky eyes. Wow! Why I cant breath? My heart wants to come out my chest. My hands are sweating. This can not be happening to me…

Kay of Hearts!